About Blogger

I am a thirtysomething free spirit with an old soul. I lived in a retirement community during my mid to late twenties because I felt right at home. I love to dance my way through life because it’s the only form of exercise I consider fun and don’t mind sweating! I have a thirst for knowledge and just have to share fun facts with my friends and family. I’m a Disney fan; my earliest/fondest memory is being awestruck with The Little Mermaid because I related to feeling like a fish out of water, which inspired my one and only tattoo. I pride myself on being a thrifty shopper and have no shame announcing my Bargain Buy of the Day. I’ve been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive personality disorder, anxiety, and depression. I’m redefining these labels because I’m not a worrier anymore, I’m a warrior! HEAR ME ROAR!

My self-proclaimed anthem!

My Favorite Quotes

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”

Walt Disney

“There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

– Bob Ross

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

J. K. Rowling

“I’ve always felt like the underdog, & I’m comfortable with that label.”


“You have to be odd to be number one.”

Dr. Seuss

“The more I expect, the more unhappy I am going to be. The more I accept, the more serene I am.”

Michael J. Fox