Smooches from my man as he turns off his alarm is the best way to start the day.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

He means more to me than I could say.

I know.. how cliché!

Okay, here we go.. Another weekday.

Oh, how I wish I could stay in bed, but nay.

Gotta slay the day!

Gotta pay those bills!

Oy vey!

Hit that snooze display.

Ugh, a ray of sunshine!

Creepin’ in to say: “Hey! Don’t delay!”

I just splay across the semi-empty bed and play with my kitties!


To my dismay, they betray me by biting and scratching.

How rude!

The array of thoughts swimming in my head: “What time is it?”

“How many hours of sleep did I get?”

“What time did I pass out last night?”

More questions than answers.

Broadway zen reggae fleeting from that magical pocket box.

I hit the snooze display.. again.

My mind has gone astray, probably off playing croquet, instead of having morning foreplay.

Oooh, how risqué!

I’m in need of a three-way soirée with a gourmet brunch buffet:

a hot tea tray, fluffy soufflé, granola parfait, sweet sorbet, alcoholic puree, and all the sautéed entrées!

I may even need an after sex cigarette. Where’s the ashtray?

Ugh, I smell padre’s coffee café from the hallway.

Balancing ballet breathing from the parquet.

I hit the snooze display.. again.

Instant replay.

Gotta get up to portray myself, simply obey, and not stray from the gray.

I’m gonna hit that Life Runway.. and sashay away!

Dude, Where’s My Valet?

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Nosilla Drabbih

Free Spirit. Creative. Mermaid. Thrifty Shopper. Vessel of Fun Facts. Warrior. Old Soul. Writer. Empath.

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